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How to set up a Cart Page upsell?

With UpsellPlus you can add three kinds of Cart upsells:
- Cart Page upsell
- Cart Drawer upsell
- Cart Popup upsell.

This is a guide on how to set up a Cart Page upsell.

Click 'Create offer' in the UpsellPlus app. Select the Cart Page Offer, and then, the Cart Page Upsell:

Create Offer

Select between manually adding as many products as you want, or using the ShopBrain feature.

Edit the offer

Add the offer to your store. Click “Save and Publish” and then 'Go to theme editor' to place the Cart Upsell extension on the Cart Page:

Click on Go To Theme Editor to customize the block

In this section, it’s important to only add the block under the Apps section in your Cart:

Apps section

Check the preview in your theme editor.

Cart page upsell preview

Save the changes in the theme editor. All set! Your Cart Page upsell is now live on your store.

Take into account the following limitations:

The Autopilot feature is not available for this Upsell.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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