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How to use Dynamic Variables when using ShopBrain (AI offers)

When you're using automatically generated offers using our algorithm, you might run into situations where you want the product title or variants to be displayed dynamically.

Example: imagine you want to recommend an item from your new winter collection of warm trousers to your customers. You have a couple of different models and colors in this collection so you'd like the product recommendations to show the best option based on the cart contents. Here the text is in Dutch, as this brand is based in Amsterdam and this was used for their EU Shopify Plus store. It says: "Complete your look with ..."

App setting

This configuration will make sure the upsell shows the name of the product being recommended. The [upsell product title] is a Dynamic Variable we use within the UpsellPlus app.

How can you configure this yourself?
Go to a checkout upsell offer you've configured or create a new one > Choose 'Automagically'

Now you'll see that you can add in Smart Variables for the Product Title and Product Description text on the upsell card.

Using Dynamic Variables you can set up titles and descriptions that will dynamically adapt to the product being shown to the customer.

If you'd rather have a fixed description or title, you can just add text in the title and description fields.

Updated on: 15/12/2022

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