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Discounts: Shopify Functions and Shopify Scripts

UpsellPlus offers two types and you can choose which one to use. Think about it this way:

Do you have just 1 upsell product for which you want to offer a discount > use Shopify Functions discounts
Do you have multiple offers and multi product upsells with discounts > use Shopify Scripts discounts

Shopify recently released Shopify Functions for Shopify Plus brands. One ability of Functions is to run automated product discount codes.

A bit more from Shopify:

We know how important it is to build powerful promotions and to offer unique buying experiences that help your brand stand out from the crowd. That’s why we introduced Shopify Scripts back in 2016—to help brands build the micro-customizations that they needed to boost conversions in the checkout. To this day, brands that leverage Shopify Scripts see their average order value increase by 20%. With Functions, you don’t need to worry about modifying code to adjust your promotions anymore. Instead, Functions are installed like any other app and they’re configured directly in the Admin, alongside built-in Shopify features.

As Shopify Functions are still new, it comes with limitations. As of February 2024, Functions can only apply 1 discount per checkout. This means that you can only discount one upsell product with a Functions discount.

If you require multiple upsell products to be shown and added to cart with an automated discount, we have to use Shopify Scripts.

Shopify Functions discount

Shopify Scripts discount

You can easily switch between the experiences with the 'Switch to Functions/Scripts' link.

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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