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Intro to discounts

To add a discount to upsells, you need to add a script to the Shopify Script Editor app or use Shopify Functions.

Discounts: Shopify Functions and Shopify Scripts

The script app app is free and can be installed here.

We've built these templates you can use by copying and pasting them into the Script Editor:

Simple % or $ off for an upsell
Discount products in an A/B test
Limit the discount to 1 item
Different discounts for different products in a multiproduct upsell
Add a discount to Ai generated upsell products

More helpful resources:

Using the offer ID to target a specific upsell offer with a discount
How to customize discount codes
Remove discounts to an upsell product when the conditions for getting the upsell are no longer met
How to only apply a discount when a product is added as an upsell

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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