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How to add a free shipping bar to your checkout

With our Rewards Bar, you can nudge your customers to spend a little more to get free shipping or a free gift with purchase.

Free Shipping:

Free Shipping Example

Free Gift With Purchase:

To setup a Free Gift With Purchase strategy, please visit How to automatically add a Free Gift with Purchase to the cart

How do you enable the Rewards Bar?

Go to your Checkout Editor (Online Store > Themes > Customize > Checkout
Click on "Add app block"
Select Rewards Bar
Customize it and save your changes:

Setting Up Rewards Bar

Use this link to customize the HEX codes.

Customization tips:

- Goal amount: This will dynamically change the bar's goal amount.
- Text before reaching goal amount: This text will notify customers that they haven't reached the target yet. You can use "{AMOUNT}" in your sentence to dynamically display the remaining amount. For example: "_You need to spend {AMOUNT} more to get our prize!_"
- Text after reaching goal amount: This text will inform customers that they've reached their goal.
- Bar color: This is the color of the filled portion of the bar. You can select the appropriate HEX color using this link.
- Bar background color: This is the color of the unfilled portion of the bar, representing the progress towards the goal.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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