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My upsell isn’t showing in my checkout, how do I get it to show?

There are three main reasons that usually cause this. Let’s have a look at each of them.

1) The code for the upsell widget isn’t in your checkout yet

Solution: re-select the position for the upsell offer in your checkout

Go to the UpsellPlus app > Settings tab > Checkout.liquid offer position > Select a position > Save.

This will check for the code in checkout and add it if it can’t be found. If you get an error from the app that means your checkout isn’t accessible yet.

To fix this, email and ask: ‘Can you enable checkout customizations for my store’. Shopify usually does this within 36h. Once Shopify confirms, you can go back to the offer position setting and click ‘Save’ again. That should do it.

2) Your browser stored your old checkout in cache

Solution: visit your store in an incognito window.

Add something to cart and navigate to the checkout page. Do you see the upsell now?

3) A smart rule is preventing from showing the offer

Solution: remove all smart rules to verify the offer can show in your checkout.

Go to the upsell you just created > scroll down to smart rules > remove the smart rules by clicking the red trashcan > Save the offer

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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