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How to upsell to a subscription in checkout and cart

To upsell or cross sell to a subscription you can use UpsellPlus to upsell one off purchases to subscriptions in the checkout and cart. The steps below show the process for offering a subscription in the checkout.

Create a checkout offer

Click 'Create offer' > Checkout

Note: upselling to subscriptions in checkout is only available for Shopify Plus merchants. All merchants can use the upselling to subscriptions in cart or post-purchase.

Selling Subscriptions on the Post Purchase page

Add a product with a selling plan

Choose a product in the resource picker that has at least one selling plan in your subscription app.

Tick 'Add as a subscription'

This will show you all the available selling plans for the selected product

Choose your selling plan

Cool! Now you have an upsell set up that will show the subscription product. Add some copy in the callout banner, product title, subtitle or marketing message to make it clear to customers this is a subscription.

Now the upsell will be added to cart, but it won't replace the item in cart yet. To let the customer swap out a one off product for a subscription:

Go to the Smart Rules card

Tick 'Swap product in cart with upsell product if added'

You can set up smart rules so the subscription offer only shows when someone has the one-off version of the product in cart.

Updated on: 26/05/2023

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