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How to find out which checkout you have?

Shopify Plus stores can have two types of checkout pages: The checkout.liquid (within the edit code section of your theme files) and Checkout Extensibility, which is the upgraded version that makes it easier to to edit your checkout pages, improve conversions, grow revenue, and increase average order values.

If you want to start upselling on your checkout page, you can use our instructions from our video How to create a checkout upsell

Now, how do you find out which checkout your store is using?

Your store has the newest Checkout Extensibility if:

The checkout URL or link has two characters after /checkout/ > storename/checkout/XX/stringofcharacters/ (It could be "cn" or "sh"):
Checkout link example

Your store is using the one-page checkout
One-page checkout enabled on your Shopify Admin

With Checkout Extensibility, you can use the built-in checkout editor feature that requires no coding experience to make smaller and simple changes. Or, you can add checkout extensions to further extend functionality without touching a line of code.

Your store is using checkout.liquid if:

The checkout URL or link does not have "/cn" or "/sh" in it

Checkout link example

Your store has a 3-page checkout and doesn't have the option for a 1 page checkout under Settings > Checkout > Checkout Editor > Gear icon

3-page checkout

Checkout.liquid is a code-based checkout system that requires direct access to a theme file to make changes. If you want to make changes to functionality, styling, or the elements of your page, you need coding experience to implement them. Without it, you risk breaking checkout and costing your business money.

Now that you know these differences, you can select the perfect option when creating your checkout upsells:

Checkout Upsell options

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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