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Customizing the button color if you are using checkout extensions

When you are creating or editing a checkout upsell, you can choose the predetermined colors from the "Customization" section of the offer itself:

Customization section

However, if you want to use custom colors, you can easily edit the checkout button color by following the next steps:

On your Shopify Admin, go to your Sales channels, look for the theme you want to edit, and click on "**Customize**".
Select the page you want to edit on the dropdown menu; in this case, Checkout.

Choose "checkout"
Go to Settings on the left menu and scroll down to the section Color. Click on the button option, select the color you want, and click Save.

Select the color you want

By following these instructions, the button of your post-purchase upsell will be changed, and at the same time, your checkout upsell.

Checkout Upsell:

Checkout Upsells

Post-Purchase Upsell:

Post-Purchase Upsell

Once you have changed the button color from your theme, the customization section from the offer itself will be overridden:

Customization section from the Checkout offer

Updated on: 25/08/2023

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