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How can I let a shopper upgrade from a cart product to an upsell product that's shown?

If you're looking to add a true upsell to your checkout, you're in the right place! Head over to our demo store. When you add 2 or 6 cookies to cart, you'll see a true upsell to a larger size, 12 cookies. Here's a video if you'd rather just watch it in action.

How to set this up yourself?

Create a checkout upsell

Scroll down to the Smart Rules card

Go to the 'Variants' tab

Tick the Swap box

The key functionality here is that the product in cart will be swapped for the product that's being offered.

If you just want the product to be swapped, there is no need to fill out anything else under the Variants tab. The Variant functionality is used when you have automated upsells running. It will show upsell products that are in the same color/size as the product in cart. More about that here.

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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