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How to Remove the upsell_ID from customer facing info

When you add upsells using the UpsellPlus app, we use an upsell_ID to track your upsell results, like revenue, impressions and conversions.

When an item gets added to cart in the checkout, and the customer returns to cart, it’s possible they might see something like this:

‍This happens because your Shopify theme is including all cart attributes by default. This can be confusing and isn’t preferable for customers and merchants alike. So how do we hide this upsell_ID?

Cart page
In your theme, there’s a file called cart_main.liquid. This file can differ in name from theme to theme, so locate the file that controls the main cart page for your store.

Within that theme, the code that controls what attributes or details are shown for each product on the cart page looks like this:

To avoid the upsell_ID from showing you’ll have to add in a small piece of code.

Go to your main cart theme file
Search, using CTRL/Command + F, and type ‘’ to find this part of the code
Locate this specific line of code: {% unless p.last == blank %}
Replace it with the following code:

{% unless p.last == blank or p.first == "__upsell_id" %}

Save your theme

This will remove the upsell_id from your main cart page.

AJAX cart
If you are using an AJAX cart (a cart that can be updated without reloading the page, like a cart side drawer or cart summary), you might need to repeat this in the AJAX file of your theme.

This file could be called cart.ajax.liquid or something similar mentioning ‘cart’ and ‘AJAX’. In this file, repeat steps 1-5 above and replace the line of code.

Note: if your theme is written in vue.js, follow this code is different:

Go to the cart.liquid theme file and search for class="cart__item-property"

Make sure the code looks like this:

<dl class="cart__item-property" v-if="" v-for="(val,key) in">
                    <dt v-if="(key != 'note') && (key != '__upsell_id')">${key}</dt>
                    <dd v-if="key != '__upsell_id'">${val}</dd>

Result: a clean and beautiful cart.

Shipping/Packing slips

If you’re using ShipStation and UpsellPlus, you might see an upsell_ID appear on your packing slips.

‍This value is displayed on the packing slip because ShipStation includes all cart attributes to print when you set it up.

‍You can remove the upsell_id by going to ShipStation and following these instructions to get to your packing slip templates:


‍There you can remove the ‘Description’ from the Order Items:

‍Order Items: A list of the items contained in the order with item SKU, description, item price, quantity, and total price.

This should remove the upsell_id from the packing slip. If that didn’t work, reach out to ShipSation support to ask to remove this. You can find a way to reach them here:

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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