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The app doesn't load or respond, what's going on?

If the app isn't loading or responding, this could be due to a couple of reasons. Most of them are browser related.

February 6th, 2023 update: Shopify is updating the merchant admin experience from to This is causing apps to load slow or not at all across the app ecosystem.

We're closely monitoring this and are in conversation with Shopify to find a solution. Type in this url to access the app in the meantime:

Cookies or extensions in your browser are blocking the app from initializing

Solution: try opening the app in a different browser, like Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

You're using Safari

Safari seems to be causing issues with the app at times. Chrome and Firefox haven't had any errors.

Solution: try to login to your store and open your app in Chrome.

There are multiple sessions of the app admin open.

You might have multiple instances of the app admin open on your browser or computer. This can cause the app to no longer respond or load as conflicting sessions are blocking each other.

Solution: Close all your browser tabs and windows and try again.

You're using a VPN

Solution: turn off the VPN and try to load the app again

You don't have product permissions

If you don't have product permissions, you won't be able to make product changes in the app. It might seem the app no longer responds, but this is just because you don't have the correct permissions.

Solution: Request product and app permissions from the store owner and try again.

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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