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Getting started guide

Let's get started with UpsellPlus!

Open the app and create your first offer

You can create upsells on the cart page, checkout page and post-purchase page.

If you're on a Shopify Plus plan you will have access to cart, checkout and post-purchase upsells. Shopify only allows Plus merchants to modify their checkout.
If you're on a Shopify Basic, Standard or Professional Plan, you will have access to cart and post-purchase upsells.

Choose where you want to create your upsell.

Configure your upsell

Cart: How to get started: cart upsells

Checkout: How to get started: checkout upsells

Post-Purchase: How to get started: post-purchase upsells

Check your live website to see if everything works as desired

Go to your cart, checkout or post-purchase page to verify if everything works as you want it to.

If there are any issues during this step, check out our documentation about common issues:

My upsell isn’t showing in my checkout, how do I get it to show?
What to do when your Post-Purchase offer isn't showing
How do I apply a discount to a checkout upsell?‍

Check your results in a couple of days

The upsell analytics will not immediately show the results. They are updated once a day at 9pm EST. If you want to check the current analytics, you can use the 'Today' button. This will refresh the analytics show today's results.

If you have questions or need help getting set up, you can reach our team in the live chat in the app.

Updated on: 19/12/2022

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