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How do I make my checkout upsells show outside of the collapsed Order Summary on mobile?

Checkout upsells can be shown in a couple of different positions. These positions depend on which checkout you are using.


If you're using the checkout.liquid checkout, you have the option to choose from three different positions. To see these positions, go to the UpsellPlus app > Settings > Checkout.liquid offer position.

Here you can select which position is best for you and your shoppers and see a preview.

Position above Express Payment => Mobile optimized, always visible, will shows just under the breadcrumbs 'Cart > Info > Shipping > Payment steps'
Position in Order Summary => Show below the cart contents, inside the order summary. Will be hidden on mobile if the order summary is collapsed.
Optimize position for mobile and desktop => This position is dynamic. It will show the checkout upsell on the position above Express Payment (1) on mobile and position in Order Summary (2) on desktop.

Save your preferred position. The changes will take effect immediately. You can check it in your checkout by browsing to it in an incognito window if you have a checkout upsell activated.

Checkout Extensions

If you're using Checkout Extensions, you will be able to choose a position in the checkout editor.

Create a 'Checkout Extension' upsell - if you have Checkout Extensions enabled for your store, you'll have that option when you create a checkout upsell.
Configure the upsell and save it
Go your your checkout editor, using the button and tutorial once the offer has been saved.
Choose a position

Here is a guide on how to complete the steps for Checkout Extensions.

Updated on: 24/01/2023

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