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How is upsell revenue calculated?

Simple upsells and cross sells

Upsell revenue is all revenue that is generated by UpsellPlus.

This is not your store revenue or the total revenue of the carts where upsells are present.
We take into account discounts configured on the upsells.

Example: The product with the upsell_id was added by UpsellPlus in checkout. The item price is $40, and a $15.60 discount was applied. This order generated $23.40 in upsell revenue.


Whenever we're able to help you convert a customer from a one time buyer to a returning customer, that's valuable recurring revenue. When you upsell to subscriptions, the full value of the first subscription payment is counted as upsell revenue.

Example: The customer upgraded from a one time purchase to a subscription by accepting an UpsellPlus offer in checkout. The subscription value is $89. This order generated $89 in upsell revenue.

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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