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How to tag all orders with an upsell

If you want to automatically tag all orders that have an upsell item, we can do that with Leap Auto Tags.

Creating the workflow is simple! All you need to attach a tag to all orders that have the upsellid as a line item property. Here's how we do that:

Install and open the Leap Auto Tags app. On Workflow type, choose order
Then, where it says "Auto trigger your workflow", you may want to select "when an order is created"
Now, it's time to add the conditions. This is where you need to look for Custom Attributes Key (Line Item Properties Key), which will help the app read the upsell id from your offer. Then, choose ''contains" and paste this __upsell_id as this screenshot shows:
Your Conditions
The next step is "Select the entry to tag". Since we want to tag the Order, choose that option and add the fixed tag you want to put there
Tagging Order
Save your workflow and all your orders that had an upsold item with UpsellPlus will be tagged.

Please note that the Leap Auto Tag app was not developed by us, UpsellPlus. If you need support, we invite you to visit their help center or contact them at

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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