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How to upsell a product bundle with UpsellPlus?

You can upsell bundles of products with the help of a bundle app.

For this example, we’ll use the native and free Shopify Bundles app.

Please take into account these limitations:

Shopify Scripts are not compatible with bundles. If you’re using discounts for other upsells using scripts. First, you need to unpublish them.
You need to create the bundle specifically for the offer as a single product to show.
More on bundle limitations can be found here: Shopify Help Center | Product bundles.

Getting started:

Add the Shopify Bundles app to your store
Configure the bundle.

Bundle example

Save the bundle.
Select the bundle in UpsellPlus as your upsell product.

Step 4

This is how your bundles will look like on the different upsells types:
Post-Purchase Upsell

Post-Purchase upsell

Checkout Upsell

Checkout upsell

Cart Drawer Upsell

Cart Drawer Upsell

This is how the bundle looks at checkout and when the order is placed:

Order details breakdown of the bundle

Order details from your Admin

Updated on: 13/11/2023

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