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'How to use the 'Buy Now' button with checkout upsells'

Dynamic Checkout buttons like the 'Buy It Now' will work with UpsellPlus if your store is using the new Checkout Extensions checkout type.

If your store is using checkout.liquid type, it won't be compatible. We suggest you upgrade to the new checkout type to make the most out of the new Checkout Extension checkout type How to upgrade your Shopify checkout from checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility

Buy It Now button - Dynamic button

Because Shopify restricts any dynamic checkout customizations with the Buy Now button performed on the checkout.liquid, but this limitation is solved using the new Checkout Extensions type.

You can learn more about Shopify's limitation here: Dynamic checkout buttons compatibility

If you are still using checkout.liquid, it's time to upgrade to Checkout Extensions!

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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