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New feature: “Exclude products already in cart”

Per merchant’s requests, we’ve launched a new feature that allows you to exclude products added to the cart to appear on the multi-product upsells. This option is available for all types of offers and can be found in the Smart Rules section:

This option can be enabled if you don’t want an item already in the cart to be shown in the product options you manually configured.

Post-purchase offer:

post-purchase checkmark

Checkout and cart offer:

Checkout and cart offer checkmark

This is the Upsell:

Multi product upsell preview

This is what it looks like on the Checkout page with the “Exclude products already in cart” option enabled:

Checkout offer only upsells products that are not in the cart

Without the option enabled:

Checkout upsell offer that includes the product that was originally added to cart

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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