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Best performing upsells of 2023: How Upselling Mystery Products Can Maximize Your Sales

With UpsellPlus, you will have multiple options to create your promotions to increase your store's AOV:

Checkout Upsells
Cart Upsells (Drawer & Cart page)
Post-Purchase Upsells
Pop-up Upsells

We understand that one of the most frequently asked questions to setup your offers is: "What's the best way to generate Revenue?"

That is why, we want to show how effective Upselling Mystery Products really is:

Almost $1,000,000 in upsell revenue

Impressive, isn't it?

This is how two stores have been successful with this tactic using mystery fragrances and apparels.

Offer Example A

Offer Example B

How do you create a mystery product?

Start by creating a 'Mystery Product' (Note: The name of the product is up to you. You can choose 'Surprise', 'Random Product').
Mystery Product Step 1
Continue creating your upsell. Make sure you identify the upsell with an appropriate name of the offer.
Under Product Selection, choose "Manual"
Select the Mystery Product you created
Edit the upsell with the smart rules you wish to apply.
Mystery Product: Upsell Creation

Is up to you how you will manage inventory. Whether you will allocate one variant of mystery product forever or if you will be changing from time to time.

Updated on: 16/01/2024

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