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Can I customize the button on the Post-purchase page?

Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't allow this.

The post-purchase page is a powerful tool to grow AOV. Shopify wants to make sure it is used responsibly as it will add a charge to the customer's credit card, by editing the original order.

Shopify limits the options we, as app developers, can give merchants to customize this page.

The button style will be inherited from your theme primary button styling.

Some guidelines from Shopify:

To provide a great post-purchase experience and to help the merchant gain trust from customers, implement the following UX principles in your post-purchase checkout extension:

* Be transparent about all the costs involved in a purchase.
* Present clear options to accept or refuse upsell offers without pressuring customers.
* Display a maximum of two consecutive upsell offers.
* Present relevant products by tailoring upsell offers to the shopping behaviors and preferences of customers.
* Provide default copy that addresses customers directly using a voice that's appropriate for any store, regardless of brand personality.

You can learn more about Shopify's UX/UI guidelines for the post-purchase page here.

The button has the following restrictions

The accept button is the primary action on the post-purchase upsell page.
Use the following text for the accept button:

[Pay now • Product total price]

If the product you are offering is free, then use the following text:

[Add now • Free] or [Add now • $0]

Don't give merchants the option to change the button text. However, you can translate the button text to any language that you want to support.

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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