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How to enable UpsellPlus Post Purchase Offers in your Shopify admin

Navigate to the 'Settings' tab in the UpsellPlus app

Click 'Post-purchase settings'

Select UpsellPlus Checkout Offers as the app for post-purchase offers

Click 'Save'

That's it!

Alternatively, you can also reach these settings from your Shopify Admin.

Navigate to Your Shopify Admin > Settings > Checkout

Shopify admin Settings


Scroll down to the Post-purchase page section. Choose UpsellPlus Checkout Offers.

scroll down to post-purchase

‍3. Click 'Save'!

Here's a quick gif of how to do this:

That’s it. Once saved, the offer will appear for your customers.

Shopify has some limitations and considerations for the post-purchase page, you can read about them here.

The main restrictions are that a post-purchase offer won’t work with:

- Shop Pay
- Express Payment methods (Apple Pay, Amazon)
- Paypal does work, but you’ll have to enable it

Updated on: 24/01/2023

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