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How can I set up PayPal as a payment method for Post-Purchase offers?

We can enable customers to see post-purchase offers by enabling PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Automatic payments.

You'll need to have Automated Payments enabled within your Shopify <> PayPal settings.

First, make sure UpsellPlus is selected as your Post-purchase app

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How to enable UpsellPlus Post Purchase Offers in your Shopify admin

Enable Automatic Payments in your PayPal settings

Go to your Shopify Admin Settings > Payments > Paypal.

If you have PayPal Express Checkout set up, you should also be enrolled in PayPal Automatic Payments. If not, connect your account and Shopify will request that from PayPal.

Once requested it will show 'Pending' and 'Approved' after. Once approved, you're all set.

Enable your post-purchase offer in the UpsellPlus app

Now you're set up to have customers see and accept post-purchase offers when checking out with PayPal.

Limitations and considerations

PayPal will only allow Post Purchase Offers to initiate one post-purchase charge for PayPal Express transactions. If your customer accepts the first post-purchase offer, they won't see a second post-purchase offer (if one exists).

If your customer declines the first post-purchase offer, they will see a second post-purchase offer (if one exists) as they did not initiate the first transaction.

There is no change to the current PayPal PayFlow Pro functionality if using a credit card. PayPal Express can not be used with PayPal PayFlow Pro.

When setting up your PayPal Express checkout, you'll see a feature for Reference Transactions, which is what allows you to charge customers automatically for the post-purchase offer. Shopify will automatically ask PayPal for Reference Transaction approval. PayPal Express will work with Post Purchase Offers after this setting has been approved. You can check on your approval status for these Automatic Payments on your Payments page in your Shopify admin. (see step 2. above)

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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