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Payment Capture and ensuring the post purchase authorization is captured

Sometimes your customers will receive a payment declined message when attempting to buy a one click post-purchase offer. There are several reasons why a customer can get a "transaction declined" or another error message when attempting to buy a post-purchase offer.

The two main reasons are:

Decline from the bank (customer side)
Decline from the payment processor (payment processor side)

In this case, the post-purchase upsell product is still added to the order when the customer clicks the "Add to Order" button, regardless of whether the transaction was successful or failed.

If the post-purchase transaction was successful, then you'll see an additional transaction in the Order, and the whole order will be marked as paid.
If the post-purchase transaction was failed, then the upsell product will be added, but there will be no additional transaction in the Order, and order status will be partially paid.

In this case, the customer receives a special email from Shopify explaining that they added a product to the order, but haven't yet completed payment for it. The email will include a link they can click to pay for it. This email will be sent by Shopify automatically for these cases.

On the merchant side, it will show as a partially paid order because the offer was accepted, but did not have a successful payment, and the Order was updated. Merchants can then handle the order in a few different ways. A few options are:

Collecting payment
Editing the order to remove the unpaid item

a. The “Enable updating partial order” setting in the UpsellPlus post-purchase settings automatically removes the unpaid item after 30 minutes if payment isn't received for it before then, if enabled

b. If the unpaid Post-purchase offer charged extra for shipping, then even after the unpaid item is removed, the order will remain in "Partially paid" status because we do not remove the unpaid shipping amount from the order.

Since Shopify hasn't added the payment failure information on Orders yet, it's recommended to contact Shopify Support with affected order numbers for more details about that if needed.

Additional considerations:

If the customer checks out using only a Phone Number (no Email address entered) then the "Order edit invoice" email which includes the payment link will not be sent by Shopify. The current recommendation is to copy the "Checkout link for payment collection" and Text it to the customer instead.

Make sure that the customer has actually paid for the un-paid upsell offer before fulfilling the order.

Updated on: 25/05/2023

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