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How to upsell to subscriptions on the post-purchase page

Upselling subscriptions on the post-purchase page is possible, but has some limitations: Selling Subscriptions on the Post Purchase page: limitations

To be able to upgrade customers from a one off purchase to a subscription on the post-purchase page, we can use a workaround:

The customer buys a one off product in your store
They are shown and accept a post-purchase page to upgrade to a subscription
They are shipped the original one off product they bought, and their subscription is started with a delay of 1 subscription cycle.

This way allows for a smooth experience for the customer and for you to move one off buyers into subscribers.

If you're using Recharge, you can use a REST call back via their API after the purchases have been completed to update the start date of the subscription:

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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